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Seal Coat

Q. How can I maintain my parking lot asphalt?

A. Your parking lot is the first thing that visitors see when they come to your property. A parking lot that show signs of neglect will have a negative impact on your visitors before they even reach your front door. Unfortunately, asphalt deterioration is unavoidable. However, it can be slowed down significantly with routine crack filling & seal coating.

Q. What is Seal Coating for asphalt?

A. Seal Coating or pavement sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from the elements: water, oils, and U.V. damage. Seal Coating extends asphalt pavement life and can help reduce the friction commonly associated with asphalt pavement.

Q. How often should I Seal Coat?

A. As a general guideline, you should seal every 3-5 years. We proudly use the most durable sealant and crack filler available on the market. The average life span of our work depends on a number of different factors, such as:

  • High vehicle traffic
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Overhead vegetation
  • Harsh winter temperatures
  • Degrading (crumbling) surface
  • Scraping from snow plowing
  • Chains on tires
  • Chemical spills
  • Low spots that hold water

When we come to inspect and measure your parking lot, we can give you a better idea of how long our services will last on your particular lot.

Q. Why should I seal coat my parking lot, is it worth it?

A. Seal Coating prevents asphalt surface oxidation by forming a tough protective outer skin. It also helps prevent damaging water, penetration, and protects your asphalt from the deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, de-icers, and other harsh chemicals. Our seal coat provides a black finish and fresh, new appearance that will improve the image of your business. Most importantly, seal coating saves you money.

Your parking lot is an important investment that needs maintained. Seal coating and crack filling your parking lot every few years will double, and many times triple, the life of your asphalt. It is significantly cheaper to seal coat and crack fill a parking lot every few years than it is to pay huge sums to remove & replace neglected asphalt every 10-15 years.

Q. When will I know that it's time to seal my parking lot?

A. In order to determine if you are due for seal coating your commercial parking lot, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How old is your parking surface? - If your asphalt is brand new, you do not need to seal coat. By the time your lot reaches 6 months to a year old, you'll want to start thinking about sealing the lot.
  2. When did you last apply a seal coat? - It is recommended that you apply a new seal coat every three to five years. This will help preserve the surface of your asphalt while preventing far more expensive repairs further down the road.
  3. Can you see deterioration? - Surface deterioration is another tell-tale sign that you need to apply a sealant as soon as possible. Even minor wear, such as small cracks or surface color change from black to grey, can be a sign it's time to consider maintenance.

Q. How serious are asphalt cracks?

A. Asphalt cracks should be taken seriously by a property owner or manager and should be addressed as soon as possible. Crack filling is the first line of defense in protecting asphalt, and it is the best way for a property owner to save money in the long run. Left untreated, asphalt cracks can lead to more significant problems, like potholes. Once the sub-base of your asphalt fails, you will be left with no choice but to spend thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars to repair and re-pave your parking lot. Crack filling, on the other hand, is a comparatively cheap and easy option to protect your asphalt from further damage.

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